Only Human, a musical


Only Human is an original musical about a small town, a movie star, humanity, death, and pigs.

The show introduces us to the rural townsfolk of Blump, who distract themselves from life’s harder truths with celebrity worship and the stories they tell each other. But what are they really ignoring, and are they even human at all? The citizens sing and dance about humanity, mortality, celebrity and the trials of a person’s– or is it a pig’s?– life.

Book and lyrics by J.D. Scrimgeour and music by Aidan and Guthrie Scrimgeour.

“When You Went Away” from Only Human sung by Estelle (the protagonist, Claudio’s, former girlfriend) and Patience (Claudio’s mother) about Claudio. Performed by Kayla Riley and Michelle Faria.


“Estelle” from from Only Human sung by Gobble, Kirk, and Lip. Performed by Derek Dupuis, David Meredith, and Guthrie Scrimgeour.

 Boston Globe Article about the premier of Only Human.

J.D. Scrimgeour contributed an essay about his process writing the book and lyrics for Only Human. Full text available here: web|pdf


…the entire cast is friendly, downright lovable, and every cast member gets lines and a piece of the action.

And the poetry of lyrics— almost every song— helps that energy to get realized.

The lyrics invite cast members to cross over the fences that hold them — out of the small back yards in their small, slaughterhouse town. They confront the awful sound of Blump. Like the characters in other American musicals, they find “a new way of living.” – Mark Schorr, Mass Poetry

Full text: web|pdf